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Mt. Rundle, Alberta, Canada
Trip Report

Looking for a relaxing 1/2 day of climbing in the Banff area, Mt. Rundle seemed like a good choice. The bolted rock pitches on the north east ridge offer easy access from the parking lot and relaxing views of the golf course, river and cycling trails that go past the base of the route.

We left Canmore around 9am for the short drive to Banff and parked the car in the parking lot near the base of the route. A five minute walk through the forest on a well trodden path brought us to the base of the climb.

We climbed up the ridge passing one other party of climbers and enjoying the view of the cyclists, hikers and canoists below. After about an hour and a half of climbing we stopped on a reasonablly sized ledge for a lunch break. It was beginning to rain lightly so we put our Goretex on and headed back down to the parking lot.